01. The [decline] in the New York stock market is due to the financial crisis in Asia.
02. The value of the yen on international markets has [declined] significantly over the past year.
03. He asked her to the dance, but she [declined] his invitation.
04. There has been a steady [decline] in the number of refugees coming from Eastern Europe now that the situation has stabilized there.
05. We offered to give Sharon a ride home, but she [declined], saying that she felt like walking.
06. The number of houses sold in our city has [declined] by almost 10% in the past year due to rising interest rates.
07. Voter support for the party has [declined] by over 25% due to the leader's recent scandals.
08. Studies show that the impact of social origin on educational attainment has [declined] over the past century.
09. Modernization has been associated with a [decline] in the status of the elderly.
10. Jean de La Bruyere once said that we perceive when love begins and when it [declines] by our embarrassment when alone together.
11. Men reach the peak of their sexual powers in their late teens or early twenties, and then begin to slowly [decline].
12. The [decline] of the Martian Empire began soon after the attacks from Jupiter intensified.
13. It is considered polite manners in Chinese culture to [decline] gifts two, or even three times before accepting.
14. The fur industry has [declined] dramatically in the last 20 years as people come to realize how much the animals suffer.
15. He invited his ex-girlfriend to his wedding, but she [declined] of course.
16. Studies show that participation in all types of physical activity [declines] strikingly as age or grade in school increases.
17. In the last 30 years, the average family size in Ukraine has [declined] from 5 members to 3.
18. A Tibetan proverb states that pride causes virtue to [decline].
19. When the British Houses of Parliament were destroyed by fire in 1834, the King offered Buckingham Palace as a new home for Parliament, but the offer was [declined].
20. The illegal animal trade has been a significant factor in the [decline] of the wild orangutan population.
21. The elderly face numerous challenges presented by both physical [decline], and the attitudes of society in general.
22. A recent study suggests that people who continue to engage in intellectually-demanding activities throughout their lives may not experience the same [decline] in memory processes experienced by other older people.
23. Our bodies begin slowly and steadily to [decline] at some time in our twenties.
24. Recent studies suggest that smokers show a faster [decline] in their memory than non-smokers.
25. The [declining] wolf population is due to over-hunting of deer, their principal source of food.
26. By the beginning of the eighteenth century, the political power of Venice was in [decline] and the city was headed for economic ruin.
27. While the Roman Empire slowly [declined], the Christian Church quietly moved forward.
28. During the War of the Roses, the production of music in England [declined] significantly.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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